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How To Hire a Voiceover Artist

Ready to hire a skilled voiceover artist who can promote and represent your brand well? While it’s an exciting journey, finding the right artist can drain your time and energy. To learn what to prepare, how to properly hire a VOA, and where to find them, check out the following article!

How To Prepare for Hiring a VOA

To get a trusted voiceover artist that can help boost your brand, make sure you have the following things ready:

1. Complete the Script

Excited to work with a cool VOA and witness your brand vision turn into reality? Finish your script first before hiring one! Indicate the line where they should sound ecstatic or take a pause to create suspense before revealing your new product. While their interpretation and delivery may differ, having a complete script will save you from unnecessary stress.

2. Establish Your Brand’s Voice

Establishing your brand’s voice includes knowing the key traits, values, and emotions linked to it. Do you want your brand’s voice to sound young, smart, and quirky? Or, do you want to sound more professional? Provide these details along with other expectations in the job description so the artist knows what style of voice they should adopt.

3. Set Your Expectations and Provide Feedback

You might easily associate voice actors with animations, but they can also ace different materials like e-learning and video games. Need a company overview for an explainer video? Pick a VOA with enough experience in it so they have more input on how to make the voiceover more engaging.

Then, provide quick yet comprehensive feedback, and explain the changes you expect, so they can give you a better version.

Where To Find Voiceover Artists

All set with your script, brand’s voice, and job description? Find reliable voiceover artists with these options:

Professional Search Websites: Sites like GM Voices and Bunny Studio feature pre-vetted voiceover artists. So, it’s easy to know which ones are qualified and how much they charge for their service.

Casting Agents: To help make the process easier for you, casting agents will do the audition themselves and, in turn, get up to 20% of the voiceover artist’s income.

Freelance Sites: Freelance sites like Fiverr and TopTal allow you to hire VOAs according to your needs. Here, you’ll find several veteran voiceover artists, so you won’t have to screen newbies who are just starting to explore the industry.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re launching a product or simply want to update your site, getting a voiceover artist will help achieve your business goals. So, take note of the steps above, and hire an experienced VOA!


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