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FAQ - Alice's Path to Voiceover

I get a lot of questions about how I got... here. *gestures wildly.* Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about my career path!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in New Jersey, and I lived in Austin, Texas for 7 years. I am now traveling full time in my bus conversion. You can follow our adventures by clicking here.

What is your educational background in?

I went to Rutgers University and have dual BAs in Journalism and Media Studies and Visual Arts with a focus in video.

How did you get into voiceover? What was your path?

After college, I worked in television production (cable and local news) then switched to a role in advertising where I primarily wrote scripts and helped on video shoots. While at that agency, we needed a voice actor to read a radio script for us. As a joke, I read it aloud, and to my surprise, everyone liked it! My boss asked me to read the script for the project. I voiced a few more scripts there for radio, and that's where I learned a little more about how to use my voice for professional projects. I then moved to a content manager position at a health company, where I continued voicing product videos, company videos, and ads for their radio show. Months later, when my boyfriend and I decided to convert a bus to travel full-time, I decided to try my hand at freelance voiceover work. I created a few accounts on voiceover websites, and as they say, the rest was history!

When did you start voice acting? When did you go full-time?

I started voicing projects for my employers in 2019. In March of 2020, I began making freelance profiles for voiceover work and by July of 2020 I was working full-time as a voice actor. What experience did you have before switching to voice acting? I've always had a knack for manipulating my voice and mimicking sounds, but I did not have any professional acting or voiceover experience prior to doing voiceover work. Luckily, voice acting came natural to me. After I started booking jobs, a few months into my career switch, I began traditional voiceover coaching and training. What coaches have you worked with? I've worked with Julie Williams, Marc Preston, and Mary Lynn Wissner for commercial training. They are all incredibly talented and help shape me into the actor I am today. How easy is it to be successful in voiceover? It is not easy at all! Like on-camera acting, it can be difficult to find and book jobs consistently, and it takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, dedication, and an entrepreneurial spirit. What advice do you have for others looking to start doing voiceover work? I have lots! Check them out in this blog or check out tips for beginners here.


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