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Alice Everdeen


Take Your Voiceover Career to the Next Level with Professional Consultations by Alice Everdeen

If you're interested in becoming a voice actor or growing your existing business, my consultation services can help you get on the right track. I offer comprehensive advice tailored to beginners and intermediates that will guide you through every step of the journey. With my personalized approach, I'll take into account all aspects of your goals, from technical know-how to marketing strategies. No matter your skill level, I'm here to ensure you reach your voiceover goals. Get in touch today and let's get started!


Here are some topics I can help you with:

- Voiceover basics

- Equipment and software

- Auditioning tips

- Business strategies & marketing

- Tips for getting an agent

- Creating a home studio setup

- Fiverr gig reviews

- And more!

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