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about alice Everdeen

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Alice Everdeen- a female voice actor, Emmy-nominated writer, mutt mom, soap maker, knitter, and volunteer yoga teacher for recovery groups. Nice to meet you!


My career in voiceover informally began in Middle School when I would perform and narrate my friend group's "Jackass"-style stunt videos and place prank phone calls to unfortunate friends and family members. After realizing pranks were not a sustainable career path, I decided to pursue the media world instead.

I attended Rutgers University and received dual BA degrees in Journalism and Media Studies as well as Visual Arts with a focus in video. I went on to write and produce for both local and national television stations and advertising agencies across the United States, and was nominated for a prestigious Emmy award. There, I also fell in love with voice acting.

Since taking my voiceover career full-time in 2020, I have voiced over 2,000 projects for clients such as Walgreens, Southwest Airlines, Amazon Web Services, Colgate, Kraft, Heinz, IBM, Verizon, Red Bull, ExxonMobil, and more. I'm also honored to have been featured in Business Insider and My work is heard around the world by thousands of people every day, from retail stores and internal training videos, to radio commercials and call on hold messages. (Kind of bizarre to think about!) To my clients, I'm known for my warm and friendly tone, excellent customer service, and speedy audio delivery. 

I've had the privilege of training with Mary Lynn Wissner, Marc Preston and Julie Williams.

Outside of the voiceover booth, I can found be writing scripts for clients, traveling the country in my bus conversion, hanging out with my partner and dog, picking up too many new hobbies, and eating peanut butter cups. 

If you're looking for a female voiceover artist, look no further! I've got the bold, millennial voice you've been looking for.

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