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Alice Everdeen


"Storytelling With a Smile"

Hi, I'm   Alice Everdeen. It's so nice to meet you!

My love for storytelling began in middle school when I would produce "Jackass"-style stunt videos with my friends and place prank phone calls to unsuspecting family members. Realizing pranks weren't a sustainable career path, I pursued my second-best option: the wonderful world of media.

With a dual degree in Journalism & Media Studies and Visual Arts in my pocket, I dove head-first into the frantic yet thrilling turf of a major cable news network in the Big Apple, where I spun stories that mattered.

Trading the city's manic hustle for a more peaceful life, I moved back to my roots in Jersey, where I wrote for local news and was nominated for an Emmy Award. Yet the wanderlust bug bit again, and craving warmth and adventure, I set off for Austin, Texas, swapping my winter boots for cowboy hats and a heap of tacos. Despite the Texas charm, something was amiss.

Fast-forward to an impulse purchase of a retired school bus (yeah, you read that right) and a two-and-a-half-year DIY conversion into an R.V., my partner and I were ready to hit the road. But a travelling lifestyle needed a flexible job, and that's when I ventured into the thrilling world of voiceover. I was a total novice, but hey, who isn't at the start? I quickly grew to love the craft and went all-in, bagging lucrative contracts, media features, and even an industry award nomination.

As I lent my voice to brands worldwide, my life took an unexpected turn. A challenging period of personal loss and growth taught me the value of vulnerability and self-kindness, and sparked a newfound love for sharing my journey and practicing yoga. As I healed, my journey gave me the strength to extend a helping hand to others in similar situations. The joy of seeing my actions positively influence others marked a significant turning point in my life.

Now, I'm a voice actor and motivational speaker who offers talks and keynotes about finding joy and success. I bring the same authenticity and passion to my voiceover work and coaching.

Today, I'm loving life on the road, doing work that fires me up, lending a hand to others, and giving back to the community. The school bus makes for a pretty rad home!

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Featured in CNBC, Business Insider and

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