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Request a Custom Voiceover Audition by Alice Everdeen

Want to hear what I can do for your project? I'm happy to provide a short audition or sample of your script free of charge. Simply fill out the form below and I'll record a custom audition just for you- delivered hot and fresh, straight to your inbox.

Alice everdeen

About Alice

Alice has voiced over 1,500 projects for clients such as Southwest Airlines, Amazon Web Services, Colgate, Kraft, Heinz, IBM, Verizon, Red Bull, ExxonMobil, and more. She's also been featured in Business Insider and Alice's work is heard around the world by thousands of people every day, from retail stores and internal training videos, to radio commercials and call on hold messages. Alice is known for her warm and friendly tone, excellent customer service, and speedy audio delivery. 

Request a Sample

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Voiceover Services Offered

  • Radio & tv commercials.

  • Preroll & digital ads.

  • Announcements for businesses, conferences, events, musical festivals & transit systems.

  • eLearning & educational content.

  • Apps & games.

  • Film & television narration.

  • Phone & IVR greetings.

  • How to videos.

  • Tours for real estate listing, museums & buildings.

  • PSAs.

  • Phone services.

  • Promos & trailers.

  • Podcast intros & outros.

  • Explainer videos.

  • Corporate narration.

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