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7 Mistakes Voiceover Actors Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Voiceover actors are a special breed. They have to be able to do a lot of things at once- act, emote, and sometimes sound like different people. And on top of that, they need to have a great voice and be able to interpret copy correctly. It's no wonder that many voiceover actors make mistakes along the way. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the most common mistakes voiceover actors make, and how to avoid them!

Mistake #01: Not Soundproofing Their Space Correctly

One of the most common mistakes voiceover actors make is not soundproofing their space correctly. This can be a big problem, because if your recording space is not soundproofed correctly, it will reflect in the quality of your recordings. Make sure to invest in good quality soundproofing materials, such as acoustic panels and sound blankets. This will make a world of difference in the quality of your recordings!

Mistake #02: Getting a Demo Made Before They're Ready

Many voiceover actors make the mistake of getting a demo made before they're ready. This is a big mistake, because a demo is supposed to be a representation of your best work. If you're not ready, it will show in your demo, and it will likely do more harm than good. Wait until you're confident in your abilities before you get a demo made.

Mistake #03: Not Continuing Their Education

Many voiceover actors make the mistake of not continuing their education with after they begin getting work. This is a big mistake, because it's important to keep your skills sharp. Coaching, classes, and workshops will help you do that. Make sure to find a good coach and look into acting or improv classes that can help you improve your skills. Look into workshops or events that offer a range of classes and help you become a more well-rounded talent.

Mistake #04: Pitching Themselves to Agents Before They're Ready

Another big mistake voiceover actors make is pitching themselves to agents before they're ready. This is a waste of time and energy, because if you're not ready, the agent isn't going to be interested. Make sure you have a strong reel and demo before you start submitting yourself to agents. Research what to include- and not include- in your email pitch. And don't be afraid to follow up, but do it in a professional way.

Mistake #05: Taking on the Wrong Projects

Voiceover actors sometimes make the mistake of taking on projects that are not a good fit for them. This can be a big problem, because it can lead to bad experience and reviews or even getting blacklisted from certain companies. Make sure to do your research before you take on a project. Read the script carefully and make sure it's something you're comfortable with. Research the company to get a better understanding of what type of work they do. If you have any doubts, it's better to pass on the project. It's okay to say "no."

Mistake #06: Not Self-Marketing

Many voiceover actors make the mistake of relying on P2P websites or their agent to find work. Make sure you have a strong online presence, with a website and social media accounts. Stay active and engaged on social media. Share your work and post interesting content that will help you attract new followers. And don't forget to network! Get out there and meet people in the industry. Attend events, trade shows, and workshops. The more people you know, the better your chances of finding work.

Mistake #07: Not Knowing Their Worth

Make sure you do your research and know what the going rate is for your services. There are a number of factors that will affect your rate, such as your experience, the market you're in, the type of project, etc. Make sure you're getting paid what you're worth! Not knowing your worth can lead to you being taken advantage of or not getting the work you deserve.

By following these simple tips, you can avoid making common mistakes that voiceover actors make and set yourself up for success! Do you have any other tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!


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