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Why Hire a Millennial Voice?

We always hear the term “millennial,” but who exactly are we talking about? People born between 1981 and 1996 are generally considered millennials. When it comes to marketers or advertisers, they often associate the terms “fresh,” “young,” “hip,” and “cool” with this age group.

There’s no doubt that millennials have a huge impact on technology and media today.

And so, businesses need to pay more attention to this group, focus on, and care about the same things they care about.

What better way to do this than to use the “millennial sound?”

Here’s why you need to hire a millennial voiceover to effectively get your message across.

1. Purchasing Power of Millennials

In the United States, millennial shoppers spend approximately $600 billion each year. But, unlike Baby Boomers and Gen X, millennials are a bit more selective about their discretionary income.

They tend to spend more on experiences than material things. When they do spend on stuff, they want high-quality goods that last a long time.

Since they comprise a large purchasing demographic, people relate more to voices that represent them. Millennials are known to relate well to fellow millennials and their manner of speaking with their listeners rather than at them.

They consider their peers to be a valuable source of information, especially when purchasing products and services. Thus, it would only make sense for businesses to hire millennial voices for their projects— from TV or radio commercials to YouTube narration.

2. Millennials and Brand Loyalty

Millennial consumers are driven by core values, such as authenticity, truth, and progress. When they find something they genuinely care about, they can show brand loyalty like no other.

Businesses can benefit from using their voices in their campaigns to connect more with the listener. Millennial voices have the power to authentically connect with the audience as if they are peers living the same life in real-time.

3. What Does a Millennial Voice Over Sound Like?

A millennial voice involves a delivery style with the following characteristics:

● Conversational

● Casual

● Chill

● Relaxed

● Interpersonal

● Authentic

● Real

● Honest

Smart marketing is currently the name of the game. Keep things authentic, casual, and relatable by using millennial voiceover for your next project.

By hiring the right voice, you can effectively reach and connect with large masses of audiences. This allows you to achieve more success for your campaign.


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